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What is it like to invest in real estate in Florida?

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Among the many benefits of investing in real estate in Florida are investment security and protection of invested capital, dollar payments and profitability. dollars in 2018. Even though there are recurring costs, the income generated by renting the property in high demand seasons is enough to cover these expenses and there is still money left over to reinvest or save.

What attracts Brazilians to want to purchase a property in the United States is the ease and practicality when compared to Brazil, from negotiation with the broker to the legal and financial procedures. To have a north, in the American country the deadline for delivery of a property is from three weeks to 45 days. As in Brazil, you will have to prove your source of income, origin of the capital and that your financial health enables the value of the incoming financing and the settlement of the subsequent installments.

According to the 2018 Direct Investment Report, an annual survey by the Central Bank, investments in real estate abroad grew by 240% in the years between 2007 and 2017. The total amount invested by Brazilians jumped from 1.844 billion dollars (2007) to 6,279 billion (2017).

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Brazil accounts for 34.4% of real estate investments in the United States, with a focus on Florida, where, in Miami alone, there are more than 300 thousand Brazilians living in the city, with a turnover of around 5 billion dollars a year in the real estate market North American.

Investing in a property - for renting purposes - in Florida, especially in cities like Miami and Orlando, should yield great profitability, since they are tourist attractions highly sought after by locals and foreigners, with condominiums close to the shopping center, beaches like Clearwater and Panama City Beach and the world famous Disney World. In 2018 alone, Orlando received 75 million visitors.

In the last 5 years, the city of Orlando registered a 62% appreciation on the value of the properties. According to a Forbes article, by 2021 that number is expected to rise 35% compared to that year. Only the south of the state sold 54% of the foreign share of the real estate market. The data are from the profile of international buyers in South Florida, made by the Miami Association of Realtors in conjunction with the National Association of Realtors (NAR). The Brazilian preference was for homes in Miami-Fort Lauderdale-W Palm Beach and Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford. The regions accounted for 65% and 20% of purchases, respectively.

Another important point is that the properties in the United States have an infinitely better standard than those found here, in the same value range. Another benefit of the real estate market in the United States compared to Brazil, is the low interest rate at 4%, while in Brazil it continues with an increase of 10% of interest.

I understand a little more about the countless advantages of investing in a property in North American cities, it is time to speak with one of our brokers. Contact us and get the best team of experts in the field.

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