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Best Places Near Orlando to Invest

You are ready to optimize your investments and after searching you found the Orlando area. Of course, in addition to choosing the right property for you and your family, the region in which you will settle is extremely important. First you must know your family's needs, because comfort and convenience are essential items, after all, it's where you will spend your days. The same goes if you are looking for the perfect place to rent a house for the season.

We've put together some distinctive regions near Orlando to help you choose the best region to buy a home.

1 – Windermere

As a small town, Windermere operates almost autonomously, with its local shops and fairs, as well as fun activities like fishing and boating on the 11 lakes in the region. It is also worth mentioning the privileged location of Windermere, just 30 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from some of Orlando's main attractions. But after all, who wants to stay away from that madness so desired by tourists from all over the world? Well, Wesley Snipes, Tiger Woods and player Kaka are among the famous with homes in Windermere.

2 – Lake Nona

In the health area, the great reference is Lake Nona, a region that became known as the medical city of Orlando. The concept of a medical city within the territory of Orlando emerged in 2005, when the Tavistock Group donated US$12.5 million and 20 hectares of land to enable the construction of a School of Medicine for the University of Central Florida.

The medical city of Lake Nona goes beyond healthcare-focused buildings and institutes. All its planning was done so that, after the completion of the great works of the faculty of medicine, a thriving community could flourish.

3 – Kissimmee

Kissimmee, is one of the most sought after regions for vacation rentals by Brazilians, as it is very close to Disney parks, it is a city in Osceola County, Florida.

Kissimmee's big advantage is its proximity to Disney parks. Another attraction is that the city offers a variety of condominiums with the so-called Vacation Homes, that is, vacation homes that allow seasonal rentals for any period, so this region is suitable for those who want to buy properties to have fun on vacation or even for those who want to invest in properties for rent for the season.

4 – Doctor Phillips

One of the most disputed places for those who want to settle in Florida. Many people move to Dr. Phillips just because of the reputation of public schools. The area also features a state-of-the-art 43-acre county park located on Big Sand Lake. Due to its location on the east coast of the beloved Butler Chain of Lakes, many residents also enjoy boating and water sports.

The area of Dr. Phillips also has a large community center and several top-notch restaurants on Sand Lake Road, which has been affectionately nicknamed “Restaurant Row”.

5 – Hunter’s Creek

The community is known for its unique amenities and abundance of volunteers who serve the community in numerous capacities. The development comprises 35 single-family neighborhoods, seven apartment complexes, four condominiums and a residential neighborhood.

Hunter's Creek is a residential neighborhood where vacation rentals are not very popular. The public that lives in Hunter's Creek is diverse, having a good amount of Latin American residents.

6 – Winter Park

Winter Garden is a city that exudes warmth and energy, with a homely charm that makes everyone feel comfortable. It's a place for families and growing businesses, a place to relax and unwind, and it's a forward-thinking community that embraces new ideas and people.

Stroll down West Plant Street in the Historic Downtown District and be part of the rebirth of a warm and vibrant community. Art studios and live theater, bike shops, eclectic shops and a wide variety of award-winning restaurants flank the West Orange Trail. It also features year-round cultural events, museums and the West Orange Trail system, which offers biking, hiking, hiking and equestrian trails.

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