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What are the differences between the operation of real estate brokers in Brazil versus the USA?
In Brazil, real estate brokers have exclusive real estate listings. The person interested in a specific property has to look for the broker that owns the listing in order to negotiate it. In the USA, brokers have access to all properties available for sale by brokers, as there is a database common to all professionals in the area.
Is there any advantage to the Brazilian buyer in negotiating directly with the seller?
No, because in this case the commission is paid in full to the construction company's sales representative. In addition, the buyer loses the representation of a specialist in the local market. Therefore, once you are satisfied with the chosen professional, it is unnecessary and not recommended to look for other brokers for the same transaction.
Who pays for the sales commission?
Generally, except for commercial deals or pre-established negotiations, the seller of the property is responsible for paying the commission, making the purchase process much more effective for both parties. When it comes to the sale of a new property, the construction company is responsible for the payment.
How do I transfer funds?
The transfer of funds for the purchase of the property must be made within the rules of the Central Bank of Brazil. The applicant must be approved by the Central Bank to transfer the funds to his account abroad. No tax is due for transfer, either by the United States or by Brazil. In addition to the commercial banks in your relationship, there are companies specializing in funds transfer and we recommend the company MONEYCORP, a leader specialized in this type of transfer since 1979, which offers first class service to each of our clients, in Portuguese, more quickly. , efficiency, service in Brazil and Florida, and with a zero transfer fee for amounts above USD 10,000. The contact email is:
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