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How to invest in real estate in the United States?

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Buying a property in the United States is a great deal, especially in times of low dollar. The time to buy property in the USA is now, with the real estate market stagnating and the price of real estate far below normal. Especially in regions like Orlando and Miami, which are the tourist center of the country.

Brazilians have the mistaken impression that acquiring property abroad is just as bureaucratic and difficult as in Brazil. But it is actually much simpler. In the United States, some banks offer the possibility of financing to foreigners who intend to purchase real estate in the country. The investment can be 30% of the value of the property, which is the entrance charged by the banks. Interest is on average 4% to 6% and can be negotiated and maintained unchanged until the end of the payment. In addition, some financial institutions offer the possibility of payment in up to 30 years, that is, the installments are not very high. After purchasing the property, the tax charged under the property is also not abusive: the value is approximately 1.7% under the price of the property, which is around U $ 4,500, according to Forbes Magazine.

To purchase property in the United States, you do not have to be an American resident. The process of buying houses in the USA is very democratic and without secrets. Before starting your search, keep in mind what your goal is: housing, vacation rentals or residential rentals? This will help you to filter the segment and give you a direction to proceed.

A very frequent question is the average price of real estate in Orlando, but this will vary according to the neighborhood you want to live in and the size of the house. So it is essential to have a broker to help you in this process. And having a Brazilian broker will certainly make a difference when choosing your property, since he will be more likely to find a house with a more Brazilian "standard". Contact us and have the best team at your disposal to help you on this journey.

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