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Doing University in Florida

Florida is a great choice for anyone looking to do their university studies. There are very high quality institutions that cost much less than other universities in the country. Florida also has a diverse selection of state, public and private universities offering degrees in areas such as aviation, law, business, journalism, science in general, the arts or well-specialized areas such as film production, video game development and animation.

Florida colleges and universities are supported by a robust and diverse economy. Many of the courses offered by these schools are related to the state’s economy, such as tourism, international trade and agriculture just to name a few.

Tourism-related courses are justified by the approximately 76 million annual visitors to this state. Hospitality, cooking, business management and marketing are some of the possibilities of high-level courses that we find at universities in Florida.

Due to Florida’s geographic location, international trade has become a major focus in the state, moving around $ 128 billion worth of goods each year, with 40% of all US exports to Latin America passing through the state. Thus, with the increasing emphasis on international trade, many colleges here have developed programs aimed at this type of trade. This international environment has also expanded to liberal arts, where international students have access to courses in the fields of humanities that offer an educational basis for the student to become a citizen of the world.

The state’s agriculture is growing and very productive, favored by the warm climate all year round. According to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the state has more than 47,500 commercial farms on nearly 9.25 million acres, being the nation’s largest producer of oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, sugar cane, pumpkin, watermelons, sweet corn, fresh beans, tomatoes and cucumbers. This growing agricultural industry has created a demand in university institutions in order to provide high quality programs with a concentration in the areas of agriculture, life sciences, horticulture and forestry.

The next very important question is: after all, how much does it cost to study at one of Florida’s renowned universities?

Well, we have made for you a comparative table with prices, location and website of the 5 best universities in the state, according to uniRank. Prices refer to fees and tuition that are charged annually, and do not include housing costs or personal expenses. The enrollment fee may vary depending on the area of ​​study, course level, the student’s nationality or residence and other criteria. Contact the universities of interest to get detailed information about the values ​​that apply to your specific situation. The information below is indicative only and may not be up to date. The amounts indicated are in US dollars.

Os valores indicados são em dólares americanos.

t is important to note that there is financial aid for those who qualify. That is why it is essential to contact universities to learn more about scholarships, loans, etc. We must not forget that, in addition to the amounts to be paid to universities, it is necessary to add other expenses such as books, school supplies, housing, food, transportation, health, etc.

Making a budget with care and responsibility is always the best way to make dreams come true and bring tranquility to your life. Count on Florida Connexion for more information!

Good luck!



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