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The 5 best steps to increase resale value

Everyone who is preparing to sell wants to earn as much money as possible in the process. Although you can see great value in your home, the love you have created does not always translate into financial gain. The best way to really increase your home's value, and therefore your potential profit, is to improve and update the things that buyers are looking for.

While there may be projects that you prefer to do or may seem easier, it is important to focus on the renovations that will earn you the greatest ROI. We have compiled this list for your reference for its ability to produce a high ROI. If you want to increase your resale value, check the steps


Real estate experts will always say that the biggest return on investment in renovating your home is in the kitchen. People really want beautiful kitchens and it seems to be the main focus of many home buyers. The highest priority when renovating your kitchen should be the layout. Having a functional space that can be easily updated is essential. Once your space has a 'good structure', you will want to find materials that have a high quality appearance without a high price tag. You can make a space update a space and make it beautiful without having to use marble or granite.


Not far from kitchens, bathrooms are the second place that buyers value. Fortunately, bathroom upgrades don't have to drain your savings. Primary bathrooms are the most important and should be your focus if you want to update just one bathroom.


The biggest concern of potential buyers is structural issues. You can have a beautiful home that can turn into a disaster if structural problems are not resolved. Replacing old plumbing with a newer plastic solution is a big selling point and can allay some of the potential fears that come with buying a home.


Wood and stucco panels are common in many old houses. Not only do these things tend to be unattractive to buyers, but they also show potential buyers that you probably haven't made any other efforts to update your home. If you have to worry about what is happening with what you see, you will probably be concerned with what you cannot.


Curb appeal plays an important role in getting people into your home. It makes sense to focus on how the outside will look to potential buyers, so having the yellowish coating that used to be white is unlikely to attract buyers. For those on a budget, you can also try potent washing - it can bring better results than you think and costs almost nothing!

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