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3 Steps for You to Buy Your Home in Orlando

Know the necessary steps and prerequisites for you to buy

a house or apartment in Orlando.

The number of Brazilians who buy homes in Orlando has been increasing more each year, because in addition to being an excellent investment, Brazilians feel at home here, as the community is always ready to help.

However, before starting your plan to buy your property, it is necessary to take some precautions and observe the necessary documents. Check below the 3 main steps you need to invest here.

1 Have a valid passport

The first requirement for foreigners who want to buy property in Orlando is a passport. Without it, you as a foreigner will not be able to obtain authorization to enter the United States. So, if you have not yet done your passport and want to start investing here in Orlando, now is the time.

2 Have a valid American visa

After you have made your passport, if you do not already have one, you need to apply for a visa at the American Embassy. Because a passport is only an identification document, just like an ID or CPF, but without a visa, it is not possible to enter here in the USA.

There are different types of visas, each with different objectives, such as students, investor and tourist visas. For you who want to buy a house in Orlando, a tourist visa is sufficient (B1 / B2).

3 Have the property's entry value

Entry into the country resolved, now it's time to think about the property you are looking for. If you want to buy a property and finance it with an American bank, you need to buy the entry fee, in addition to presenting other documents.

The entry will be a percentage of the property value (which may vary, but the average for foreigners is 30%), paid in a single installment, and depending on the amount, it will influence interest, number of installments and value per installment as well.

For example, if you liked a property that costs US $ 200 thousand, you need to provide 30% down payment, that is, US $ 60 thousand, in addition to other costs such as closing costs, but I can explain this in more detail to you.

So that's it, respecting these 3 steps, you will qualify to start investing here, easy right ?!

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